The Multiregional Committee against Torture again proves in court the unlawfulness of the investigation bodies’ actions


25 April 2008

   Today the criminal division of the Nizhny Novgorod regional court confirmed the judgment of February 8 delivered by the Sovietskiy district court which had satisfied the claim of the Committee against Torture in the interests of Mr. Alexander Podguskov.
    The claim resulted from the refusal of the Prosecutor’s office to start a criminal case against the police upon Mr. Podguskov’s application.
   A similar judgment was delivered by the regional criminal division on April 11. Then the court considered the Posecutor’s office appeal against the judgment under Mr. Dmitriy Shitov’s application that had also been delivered on February 8.
    You may remember that both young men applied to the Committee against Torture for help claiming they had been battered by the police.
The Sovietskiy district Prosecutor’s office disagreed with the judgments in favour of Mr. Shitov and Mr. Podguskov and appealed against them to the cassation, they failed to have the second appeal satisfied today.

Lawyers of the Committee against Torture again managed to have unlawful and unfounded decisions of the Prosecutor’s office cancelled, and the materials under the applications of two young people will be submitted for an additional investigation.

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