The Multiregional Committee against Torture congratulates the Prosecutor’s Office staff on their professional holiday!


12 January 2009

   Today is the Day of the Russian Prosecutor’s office – holiday of people whose profession is to defend citizens’ interests, ensure the rule of law and supremacy of justice in our country. The Prosecutor’s office was created by the order of Emperor Peter the Great, within three hundred years of its history it has evolved from the “monarch’s eye” to the “state human rights defender”, such definition of the prosecutor’s office’s function in the present day Russian society was developed by now ex-president V.V.Putin.

This evolution was rather intricate and controversial. The Prosecutor’s office grew and developed and continues growing and developing together with the state, society and the law.  

Nowadays, the Russian Prosecutor’s office is the only state human rights mechanism that is not only formally able and obliged to defend law and citizens’ rights but also has all necessary powers.  The unique status of the state human rights defender imposes a lot of obligations, clamours for professional literacy, honesty, effectiveness of the staff in favour of the society and citizens.

We would like to wish the Prosecutor’s office staff success in their human rights activity, happiness and health.


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