The Multiregional Committee against Torture has litigated the inaction of officials from the Dzerzhinsk Directorate of the Interior


10 November 2008

 Today, in the context of the investigation into the application of Mr. Sergey Lyapin from Nizhny Novgorod who accuses police officers from the Volodarskiy district of torturing him with electricity, lawyers of the Committee against Torture have litigated the inaction of officials working at a police station under the Dzerzhinsk Directorate of the Interior.

According to the Committee against Torture and Mr. Lyapin, the inaction manifested itself in the absence of an official response from the police station administration towards Mr. Lyapin’s application where he asked for a medical report issued upon his detention.

This information is necessary for Mr. Lyapin to undergo a forensic medical examination.

In course of the court hearing deputy head of the police station provided a written response to Mr. Lyapin’s request, this fact allowed the court to terminate the proceedings. Unfortunately, the police station administration did not answer the question to the point, but gave a very formal evasive explanation, and moreover, confused the dates. 

Therefore, lawyers of the Committee against torture are going to appeal against this response and insist on a full report that is necessary to restore Mr. Lyapin’s rights and punish the law enforcement agents who tortured him.   

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