The NN Committee against Torture congratulates all law enforcement officers on Day of Homeland’s Protectors!


22 February 2007

The NN Committee Against Torture heartily congratulates you on Day of Homeland‘s Protectors!

Your daily work on providing safety for citizens, ensuring law and order, protecting rights and freedoms of ordinary people is an integral part of common efforts to protect our country, its interests and needs. The triumph of the law in Russia and development of the civilized legal environment in our country – these are the main principles of ensuring security, integrity and unity of our Homeland!

The NN Committee Against Torture is convinced that protectors of law are the main protectors of our country.   

We wish you success in your noble mission of defending human rights and ensuring the supremacy of law. Let your hard and responsible work, which is so very necessary to our citizens, be always highly effective and let all problems and hardships, sorrows and misfortunes pass you by!

Be happy, wealthy and healthy!

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