The Orenburg Court obliged the Ministry of the Interior to pay a compensation of 150 thousand rubles to the victim of tortures with electric shocker  


26 July 2022

Ph.: Roman Chikviladze by «Takie dela»


The judge of the Leninsky District Court of Orenburg satisfied the claims under the lawsuit filed by Roman Chikviladze to the Ministry of the Interior of Russia on compensation of moral damage. The man was subjected to tortures with electric shocker by (former now) police officers Sergey Pavlov and Rinat Arslambaev. Both of them are sentenced to real jail time for abuse of office. 

In August 2019, Roman Chikviladze and his brother Valiko Baygulov were apprehended by the police on suspicion of stealing five thousand rubles. The police officers took Roman to the building of the Chernootrozhskiy rural council, where they tied them to a chair and started to torture him with electrical shocker.  In total, Roman received about five electric shocker discharges. The court established that Pavlov applied electricity to the victims’ groin area, and Arslambaev was holding the chair to which Chikviladze was tied. The brothers claimed they did not take the money but after tortures Roman took the guilt on himself. Then the men were released and a criminal case was initiated against Roman, which was subsequently dismissed.

The police officers were sentenced to real time in a standard security penal colony, however, it is known that one of them wants to get out by means of early parole, and for the other one the court replaced the remaining part of the sentence with a supervised release. 

It is worth noting that this has been the first compensation for moral damage which was awarded after the refusal of the Russian Federation to execute the rulings of the ECHR. In addition, according to the statistics of the Crew Against Torture, a compensation that amounts to 150 thousand rubles is more than an average compensation across the country for the similar crimes. Average amount of compensation for tortures in Russia is 100 thousand rubles.   

Comment by head of the Orenburg branch of the Crew Against Torture

Of course, 150 thousand rubles is not an adequate compensation for those sufferings and torments that Roman experienced as a result of the crime. However, this amount of compensation is very close to average value in the region in similar lawsuits. We think that the harm inflicted to Roman, must be compensated with a lot higher sum, that is why we shall apply with an appellate appeal to the Orenburg Regional Court.

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