The Orenburg youth protests against police abuse


26 March 2012

On March 26 in Orenburg, near police department no.3 of the Orenburg Directorate of the Interior there were two pickets in sequence. The first one was organized by the regional KPRF party office, the other – by the city NGO “Orenburg Youth Movement”. Workers of the Orenburg branch of the Committee Against Torture joined both public actions.

Activists unwilling to put up with arbitrariness of law enforcers gathered in front of the police department notorious for numerous instances of tortures. This is exactly the police department from which Sergey Nazarov was taken to hospital with a lien rupture on March 14, 2012 following ill-treatment by law enforcers. Before that the CAT had received many applications from individuals alleging police abuse in that particular department: S.Y. Ivanov, T.I. Zhumagazeyev, A.D. Talanov, A.V. Bogdanov, V.A. Sadovsky, M.A. Nimatov, A.V. Ferapontov and others.  

Protesters urged the head of the Orenburg Directorate of the Interior, as well as heads of other police departments practicing tortures to resign.

The police did not interfere with the pickets.

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