The police apologized for torturing a resident of the Moscow region. The lawyers have been trying to achieve that fact for three years


22 November 2023


A resident of Krasnogorsk, Boris Martynov, was beaten and had his ribs broken in the local police unit that deals with drug enforcement. An officer named Spartak Sevumyan was found guilty and sentenced to four years in prison. After the court’s ruling, the lawyers started to seek an official apology from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and it took three years to get it.

In November 2018, Boris Martynov was arrested on suspicion of drug distribution and taken to the police department of Krasnogorsk. At that department, the police officers Spartak Sevumyan and Sergey Seliverstov planted heroin on Boris and beat him with their feet and a chair in order to fabricate a criminal case against Boris. Mr. Martynov, having spent the night at the department, was allowed to call his mother only in the morning. Natalya Martynova recalls that when she arrived, she did not immediately recognize her son.

«Boris could hardly stand on his feet, bent over, holding his ribs. His face was swollen, bruises were visible, and there was blood on his face and clothes. Boris asked me to call him an ambulance

Subsequently, an expert discovered that Mr. Martynov had fractures of two ribs with displaced fragments. In June 2019, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case into the excess of authority with the use of violence (Part 3(a) of Article 286 of the Russian Criminal Code). In 2020, the officer Sevumyan was sentenced to four years in a general regime colony. The criminal case against the officer Seliverstov was discontinued due to the man’s death.

According to Russian law, the Ministry of Internal Affairs must apologize for the unlawful actions of its employees within a month, but in the case of Mr. Martynov, the lawyers were to engage in a long correspondence with the police officials and, furthermore, go to court.

The commentary of the lawyers representing the victim’s interests: «We went to court twice, trying to force the police of Krasnogorsk to bring their apologies. The first time, as the officials did not respond to our request, the court ordered them to give an answer; however, they refused to apologize again, as they considered Sevumyan’s apology during his trial sufficient. Only after the cassation ruling related to our latest claim, the head of the Krasnogorsk police sent a written apology for the actions of his subordinates. It’s been exactly three years since the sentence.»

The letter with the relevant apologies was received by Boris’s mother, Natalya Martynova. Unfortunately, her son died in 2020, even before the policemen were sentenced.

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