The Supreme Court of Bashkiria cancels the acquitting judgement for the policemen


30 October 2007

This morning the criminal judicial division of the Supreme Court of Bashkiria fully satisfied the cassation appeal of six victims against the verdict for the criminal case where the accused were former district police officers of Tuymazinskiy district police department A.G.Gabdrakhmanov and F.F. Farrakhov, as well as former Director General of “Tuymazinskiy” OJSC A.T.Zakirov. The judicial division cancelled the acquitting judgement for the policemen and Zakirov and submitted the criminal case for a new trial by another bench.

On the 2nd of August 2007 policemen Gabdrakhmanov and Farrahov were freed from all charges by the verdict of Tuymazinskiy regional court judge R.A.Galliulina. Zakirov got 1 year and 1 month of suspended sentence.

One of the victims was an underage student Ruslan Tangaev whose parents turned for help to the local office of the Committee against Torture. Committee experts carried out a public investigation of the events and managed to instigate proceedings against the police officers, the Committee against Torture also rendered legal and medical assistance to the victim and his relatives.

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