The trial over sadist policemen in Bashkiria continues


25 January 2007

Tomorrow, on 26 January 2007 the court will hold another session under the case aginst the policemen charged with assault and battery of minors in Bashkiria.

   Advocates from the NN Committee Against Torture continue their work on the case of Ruslan Tungaev and other minors of Bashkortostan, who were subjected to coercion by law-enforcement officers. 

   As you may know, on 19 January 2007 the first sitting of the District Court of Tumayzi City, Bashkortostan was held, where the criminal case against two district police officers of Tumayzi GROVD – A.Gabdrakhmanov and F.Farrakhov, and also against ex general director of JSC PZ ‘Tumayznsky’ A.Zakirov, was disposed of.

    During the sitting the court questioned the accused, five victims and several witnesses.  

    The policemen denied their guilt.

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