The trial over the police officers from Bashkortostan charged with ill-treatment of minors has been going on for a year already


08 February 2007

Today the trial over the police officers from the Tumayzi GROVD (the local police station) charged with assault and battery of minors has been continued. Lawyers from the NN Committee Against Torture continue their work on the case, representing Ruslan Tangaev and other minors, citizens of Bashkortostan who were cruelly treated by the law enforcement officers.

During the sitting the court questioned five of the witnesses. Witness Kashapov when being questioned denied his initial submissions given during the pretrial investigation in which he had testified that he had seen the officers beat the victim. According to the lawyer, now the witness has stated that he never read the protocols of his interrogation which he had signed during the pretrial investigation and does not know their contents.

The next sitting of the court under this notorious case in Bashkortostan is set for 9 March.

Meanwhile, today it has been precisely one year since the case was transferred to court. Lawyers of the Committee Against Torture have all reasons to believe that the trial is being intentionally lingered.    

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