The trial under the case of Anoshin, who died in a detoxification center, is adjourned until 5 June 2007


14 May 2007

Today the Sovetsky District Court adjourned the trial under the case of Anoshin until 5 June 2007. It happened after the defence had moved to have the forensic medical expert, who had examined the corpse of Mr. Anoshin, questioned.

    Judge Zhelezov required the defence to submit a written motion substantiating the necessity to have the expert questioned. When this motion is considered, the investigation in court will probably be over and a hearing of arguments will be held. After this the court will fix the date and exact time when the sentence will be brought in.

    As you may know, lawyers of the NN Committee Against Torture are now representing relatives of the late Aleksandr Anoshin before the court.

    You may remember that experts of the Committee carried out a public investigation into the death of Mr. Anoshin, after his relatives had applied to human rights defenders.

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