The verdict against the Bashkirian police officer who broke the detainee’s arm has entered into force


15 September 2009

Today the criminal division of the Bashkirian Supreme Court  has delivered a ruling enforcing the verdict against junior sergeant of the police patrol and point duty service Litvinov from the city of Oktyabrsky (Republic of Bashkiria) who was found guilty of police abuse with violent treatment (art.286 of the RF Criminal Code). Mr. Litvinov was sentenced to three years of suspended sentence on a 2-year probation.

You may remember that on 5 December 2007 in Oktyabrsky junior police sergeant Litvinov together with senior police sergeant Timofeyev detained Elman Guseynov. While taking Mr. Guseynov to the police station, convict Litvinov broke the detainee’s left arm.  

Thanks to the efforts of the Bashkirian representation of the Interregional Committee against Torture where Mr. Guseynov applied for help, the case reached the court. Now when the verdict is in force, the Committee against Torture plans to lodge a civil suit claiming compensation of moral damage and redress for injuries incurred to Mr. Guseynov.

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