The verdict for the policeman in charge of breaking the Bashkirian student’s neck will be pronounced tomorrow


20 October 2010

The policeman has repented and asks the court to award him a lenient punishment.

  On 21 October 2010, at 16:00, the Birsk regional court of Bashkiria will pronounce a verdict under the criminal case against Vladimir Farkhutdinov, officer of the medical detoxification centre under the Birsk District Department of Internal Affairs,  accused under cl. «а», «c» p. 3, art. 286 of the RF Criminal Code (abuse of office with violent treatment causing grave consequences).

In the opinion of the investigating authorities and the Interregional Committee Against Torture, Vladimir Farkhutdinov perpetrated these crimes in February 2010 in respect of 5th-year student of the Arts and Graphics School of the Birsk State Social and Pedagogical Academy Dmitry Aparin, in the sobering-up station under the Birsk Department of Internal Affairs.

The public investigation conducted by the Interregional Committee Against Torture under the victim’s application and the official inquiry  revealed that Farkhutdiniv had inflicted the following injuries to Aparin: traumatic front subluxation and transverse travel of the second neck-bone with a fracture of the back bone part and displacement of fragments, antelisthesis of the second neck-bone, rotational subluxation of the first neck-bone, fracture of the lower zygapophysis of the third neck-bone and contusion of the spinal marrow.

The prosecution demands that Farkhutdinov should be sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment in a standard-security penal colony with a 3-year state service ban.

During the judicial debates the defense disagreed with the charge of abuse of office and asked the court to assess Farkhutdinov’s actions under p.2 art.118 of the RF Criminal Code (infliction of grave bodily harm by negligence, committed due to the default in performance of one’s professional duties).

Farkhutdinov has repented, apologized to the victim, and asks the court to award him a punishment not connected to imprisonment.

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