Three Bashkirian police officers are convicted for battering people in December 2004 in Blagoveschensk


17 June 2008

 According to Mr. Vladislav Sadykov, head of the Bashkirian office of the Committee against Torture, today the Blagoveschensk district court (Bashkiria) adjudicated on the criminal case against three police officers who had taken part in the “mopping-up” in Blagoveschensk in 2004; these are Mr.Shapeyev, Mr.Guilvanov and Mr. Khamatdinov.

All the three are found guilty under article 286 of the RF Criminal Code – “excess of official powers”. 

Convict Guilvanov is sentenced to 4 years in a standard security penal colony. Mr. Khamatdinov and Mr. Shapeyev received suspended sentence – 3 years and 2 months and 1 year accordingly.

We would like to remind you that the convicts took part in a special police operation in December 2004 in course of which 342 citizens of that Bashkirian city suffered from police abuse and were later acknowledged victims. The victims’ interests are represented in court by lawyers from the local office of the Committee.

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