Tomorrow the Sovietskiy district court will pass the sentence to former policeman Maslov charged with murder of Mr. Anoshin.


31 July 2008

The Interregional Committee against Torture invites mass media to witness the pronouncement of sentence.

    Tomorrow at 14:00 the Sovietskiy district court of Nizhny Novgorod will deliver the sentence to three former policemen – workers of the medical detoxification centre of the Sovietskiy district, one of them, accused Maslov – is charged with murder.

You may remember that the state prosecution demands 14 years of imprisonment in an increased security penal colony for Mr. Maslov. The period within which accused Antonov and Ageyev can be held liable will expire soon, therefore criminal proceedings against them will soon be stopped.

Today accused Maslov made his last statement and plead innocent.

You may remember that in July 2007 the Sovietskiy district court found former policeman Maslov guilty of killing Gidromash plumber Alexander Anoshin and sentenced Mr. Maslov to 12 years in an increased security penal colony under p.1 of art. 105 of the RF Criminal Code and p.3 of art. 286 of the RF CC. Mr.. Ageyev and Mr.Antonov got 4 years of suspended sentence. And on November 30, 2007 the sentence was cancelled due to insufficient severity and lack of motivation. The public investigation under Alexander Anoshin’s case was conducted by the Committee against Torture. The Committee lawyers also represented the relatives’ interests in court.  

    The interests of Mr. Anoshin’s relatives are represented by lawyer of the Committee against Torture Ms. Nina Pleshkan.

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