Training in public investigation methods was held in Nizhny Novgorod


07 October 2013

More than thirty human rights activists from all over the country have taken part in the training «Methods of public investigation into torture and other grave violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms» held by the INGO «Committee Against Torture».

For two days participants of the training were getting acquainted with the unique methods of public investigation, that have been developed on the basis of the ten-year experience of the organization and its partners.

«We do hope, that those who have taken part in the training are going to apply the introduced methods of carrying out a public investigation of human rights violations in their everyday human rights practice”, says one of the coaches, a lawyer working with the Committee Against Torture, Anton Ryzhov. «I don’t think this is the last training of the kind. Were were unable to invite all those wishing to participate, for they were too many. That is why we are now thinking of arranging a series of trainings in public investigation methods not only in Nizhny Novgorod, but also in other regions of the country. More over, we are planning republication of the book about the methods, and our joint experience will help to broaden and improve the manual».

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