Two participants of anti-war meeting applied to the Moscow branch of CAT with complaints about the battery by law-enforcement officers


12 October 2022


On 21 September, after partial mobilization in the cities of Russia unauthorized protest rallies took place. According to mass media reports, the police officers applied force, special equipment and brutally suppressed protests. Olga Zhgun and Evgeny Ovcharenko told human rights defenders about battery performed with fists and truncheons. Later on, both were forced to apply for medical assistance.     

University teacher Evgeny Ovcharenko was at the Pushkinskaya Square at about 7 p.m. on September, 21. He stood up at the monument with a blank sheet of map paper and practically immediately he was approached by police officers in black uniforms.    

«One of the police officers, who approached me from the left, hit me, admittedly, with a fist, in the area of the left kidney, – Ovcharenko recalls. After the hit I felt pain, the officers pulled my arms behind my back: one was holding the right arm in the back, and the second one was twisting the left one. Near the police vehicle at the Bolshoy Putinkovsky pereulok I was forced to stand in a stretching position. The police officer kicked me in my left shank»

In the police vehicle Evgeny felt sick, his back was aching. A police officer called an ambulance for him which arrived at about eight in the evening. According to Evgeny, the doctors advised him to apply to the hospital and undergo an ultrasonic examination, since, allegedly, his renal calculus moved out. Previously, Ovcharenko did not have any complaints about his kidneys. He was not hospitalized, but offered a pain killer shot, which he refused.             

Evgeny was delivered to the Department of the Interior for the Tverskoy District and released at about one in the morning. Evgeny took a subway, where he felt bad due to pain in the back.   He reached the first aid station where the doctors offered to call for an ambulance, which the man waited till 6 a.m., however, it never arrived. The next day, Evgeny applied to the health clinic, where the doctor assumed he had an injury of the supporting-motor apparatus and issued a sick leave for a week. According to the doctor’s conclusion, Ovcharenko had a fracture of the tenth rib from the left.  

On 21 September, journalist Olga Zhgun came to the protest rally to the Staryi Arbat. She came there not as a mass media representative, but to express her stance. In the Arbat she was standing in line with the other people, when law-enforcement officers in black uniforms started to snatch them out. According to Olga, she was brutally pushed her by the shoulder, and a hematoma developed there. Olga tried to beat back some of the girls which were apprehended, and at that time, according to her, she was hit at the back of her head.   

«I did not see who was behind me, but I know I was hit with a truncheon because previously I was already hit with a truncheon during other rallies. At that moment, I did not feel any pain and remained where I was and continued to make a video record of what was going on with a mobile phone, tried to pull the people away. After that, some officers dressed in black, came up to us and started to apprehend the girls. I started to shout: «Girls should not be beaten up! What the hell are you doing!»   

Olga was apprehended and delivered to the police vehicle. According to the woman, she was brutally pushed and she hit her head against the grid, then a man in camouflage uniform abruptly pulled her back by her bag and she hit her head again. In the police van, Zhgun felt bad – her nose was bleeding, she felt sick and giddy. Olga was delivered to the District Department of the Interior for Prospekt Vernadskogo District, where she asked to call her an ambulance. The woman was hospitalized at the City Clinical Hospital named after V.P.Demikhov. Zhgun told that in the hospital she was waiting for doctor’s attendance for a long time.   

«During the examination, I was not questioned in detail, visual examination was performed, hematoma was not seen, the doctor was unfriendly, because, as I suspect, the police called him in my presence. At about 5 a.m. I went home from the hospital by taxi».

At the present moment, Zhgun still has headaches and giddiness.  

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