When the Prosecutor’s Office really works


13 August 2015

According to human rights defenders, starting from 2015 a positive trend is observed in the field of human rights protection by the Republican Prosecutor’s Office in the Republic Mary El. In the majority of cases the authorities of Mary El Prosecutor’s Office adequately supervise the procedure of examination and making lawful decisions in relation to the complaints of the victims’ representatives against the illegal decisions of the Investigative Committee officers.   

Only for past four months five complaints of the lawyers of Mary El branch of the dissolved INGO «The Committee Against Torture» and acting Committee For Prevention of Torture against the illegal actions and decisions of authorities of the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation were satisfied.

For example, based on the results of examining the applications of human rights defenders and due to the reaction of the republican Prosecutor the criminal case  against two traffic police officers with regard to their applying illegal violence against Valentin Aleksandrov from the Republic of Mary El was resumed.

Another result of constructive interaction of human rights defenders and the Prosecutor’s Office is  initiating the criminal case based on the fact of the death of Maksim Yadykov shortly after the examination fight in the republican Police Special Force, which constitutes an offense under part 1 of Article 109 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (infliction of death by negligence). Prior to initiating a criminal case based on the complaint of lawyers of the Committee Against Torture the Prosecutor’s Office established  violations by investigator Khoroshavin who conducted the check, as well as by the Deputy Head of the Investigative Department.  Due to this reason the Yoshkar-Ola Prosecutor’s Office submitted a petition to the head of the investigative authority requesting to eliminate the violations and subject to disciplinary responsibility the ones responsible.

Just a few days ago the human rights defenders received some more answers  from the Prosecutor’s Office about the satisfaction of their claims. In the first case the representatives of the regulatory authority declared illegal the ruling dismissing the criminal proceedings initiating and obliged the investigative authorities to conduct an additional check, in the second case – the applicant’s representatives complaint against not notifying about the proceeding decision taken, due to this the petition regarding the elimination of the law violations was submitted. In this case the Procecutor’s Office also declared illegal the inaction of the head of the investigative authority and obliged him to eliminate the breach.  

«As a rule, such crimes as abuse of office with the use of violence by law-enforcement agencies representatives, are investigated very ineffectively by the Investigative Committee. The investigative authorities pass illegal rulings in the course of checking the crime reports and criminal cases investigation, fail to initiate criminal cases and perform necessary investigative activities, illegally close or suspend criminal cases, fail to notify the applicants on the decisions taken, – lawyer of the Committee For Prevention of Torture Dmitry Yalikov emphasizes. – Due to that we cannot but welcome the developing positive trend of the Republic Mary El Prosecutor’s Office reactions to the facts of human rights violations due to illegal actions of the Investigative Committee officers. We hope that it will be maintained».

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