Winners of international contest of short-length films "The Right Cut" are announced


08 April 2016

Non-governmental organization «A World Without Censorship», a partner of the Committee for Prevention of Torture, announced winners of international contest of short-length films «The Right Cut», dedicated to human rights protection issues.  

«A World Without Censorship» points out that it was very difficult for the jury to make decisions on distribution of places, since all the presented films are solid works filled with human rights spirit. Nevertheless, a contest is a contest, and here is the list of winners.  

1-st place. «La Tumba» («The Tomb»), Venezuela.

2-nd place. «KARACHAGANAK: CHILDREN IN EXCHANGE FOR OIL» («Karachaganak: Children in Exchange for Oil»), Kazakhstan.

3-rd place. «Chalchihuapan: un año sin justicia»  («Chalchihuapan: a Year Without Justice»), Mexico.

4-th place. «Drugs» («Drugs»), Afghanistan.

5-th place. «286», Russia.

Lawyer of the Committee for Prevention of Torture Evgeniy Chilikov presented his film «286» on the police torture which was made in 2015 together with Aleksey Novikov.

«The film is called «286», it is a number of the article of the Criminal Code of Russia on abuse of office – the article in regard to which, as a rule, the sadists in uniform manage to escape responsibility. People whose mission is protection of citizens become a threat to citizens themselves. In the course of my work in the sphere of human rights activities I had to witness a large amount of stories about tortures. I decided to put some of the applicants’ stories on video and they merge into one horrible narrative, which, in fact, concern all of us», – Evgeny Chilikov says.
«The Right Cut» contest jury member Olga Sadovskaya: «I had a privilege to assess the contest works and, despite the fact that it is a fairly new initiative and there are not so many films involved, some of the films are done at a very high level. Venezuela now is going through a difficult period, and this festival has become, among other things, an attempt to interpret a foreign experience of human rights efforts in the conditions of active external resistance. I hope that Un Mundo Sin Mordaza project («A World Without Censorship») has a promising and interesting future and year after year there will be more films and they will get deeper and more diverse».

All the five short-length films that won the contest will be presented at the special event in Prague organized by «People in Need» NGO.   

«A World Without Censorship» is a non-governmental organization with six years of experience in the sphere of freedom of expression by means of art. At the present time the headquarters of the organization is located in Caracas (Venezuela), at the same time in its activity the organization emphasizes promotion of human rights not only in Venezuela, but throughout the world. 

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