«You’re a poor father and husband.» A resident of Moscow claims that he was beaten and insulted by a bailiff. On two occasions, the Investigative Committee refused to open a criminal case into these events


07 May 2024


In October 2023, doctor Leonid Meshcherskiy came to the bailiff service to resolve the issue of alimony. The man indicates that he had a conflict with a certain bailiff, who subsequently beat him. On two occasions, the Investigative Committee has refused to open a criminal case against that bailiff.

A dentist from Moscow named Leonid Meshcherskiy switched jobs in 2023, so he needed to recalculate alimony. He applied for an appointment through an official website and came to the bailiff, Sergey Patlay, at the indicated time. However, as Leonid underlines, the bailiffs refused to receive him, citing workload. Leonid took the paper form and began to write an application for the redistribution of alimony.

Mr. Meshcherskiy recalls the following: «I said that I took time off from work, collected documents, wasted time, but the bailiff refused to receive me. In response, Sergey Patlay began to provoke me, saying that I was a poor father and husband

Leonid claims that he tried not to enter into this conflict, but Mr. Patlay reached across the table, tore out the application and broke the pen. Mr. Meshcherskiy wanted to leave the office, but the bailiff blocked the way, standing near the door. All this happened in front of another bailiff (a female officer named Ms. Zhucheva).

«He continued to hold me in the office, I screamed, demanding to be released. As I noticed, Ms. Zhucheva was recording what was happening. During another attempt to pass, Patlay grabbed me by the back of my clothes with both hands and threw me to the floor. I got up and saw blood on my hand — it was dripping onto the floor and onto my clothes

Leonid recalls that Sergey Patlay offered him a handkerchief for his finger and tried to open the door, which broke. Mr. Meshcherskiy called 112, asking for an ambulance and a police squad. The medical team arrived 10 minutes later, followed by the police. The doctors examined Leonid and, in addition to a deep wound on his finger, found a large hematoma on his body; it was probably caused by a fall.

The man was taken to the hospital, where his injuries were documented. With these documents, Leonid went to the Department of Internal Affairs in the Northern Izmailovo district and lodged a crime report. Besides, Mr. Meshcherskiy contacted the prosecutor’s office; in December 2023, it informed Leonid about the beginning of an inquiry. Leonid was also questioned by the Investigative Committee, but in February 2024, the investigator adopted a decision to refuse to open a criminal case. In April 2024, the Investigative Committee issued a similar decision.

Currently, an additional inquiry is being carried out. The lawyers, who represent the victim’s interests, believe that the investigator conducted the first two inquiries without much care: he refused to open a criminal case against the bailiff even without ordering a forensic medical examination.

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