Today a criminal case against a police officer who tortured detainees has been passed to court in Ufa

Событие | Пресс центр

08 апреля 2009

The state prosecution qualifies the actions of Vener Bikmukhametov, police officer of the Demskiy district Department of Internal Affairs in Ufa, as a crime under cl. “a”, p.3, art. 286 of the RF CC (abuse of office with violent treatment).

On 29 September 2009 junior investigator of the Demskiy district Department of Internal Affairs in Ufa Bikmukhametov abused Sergey Nikonorov and Samat Yantuganov contrary to his duties, for no reason and unlawfully.

The victims applied for help to the Bashkirian representation of the Committee against Torture that conducted a public investigation and revealed that the citizens’ rights under art. 3 (prohibition of torture) of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms had been violated. In case of Sergey and Samat violence was used in order to force a confession out of them and “improve the clear up rate”.

In course of preliminary investigation the Committee against Torture stayed in touch with senior investigator of the Investigation Committee Rafis Nabiyev who investigated the case. Lawyers of the CAT think that senior investigator Nabiyev conducted a complete and objective investigation.  At the investigation stage the accused claimed that Nikonorov and Yantuganov had arrived at the Department of Internal Affairs already having injuries. However, later Nabiyev found and interrogated witnesses who refuted the officer’s statement.

In the context of the public investigation the Committee against Torture also financed independent expert examinations in order to evaluate real damage to health and provided a lawyer for the victims.

The CAT will notify the public of the first hearing date.

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