Two thousand roubles for police abuse

Событие | Пресс центр

15 апреля 2009

On 11 December 2004 disabled of second degree Sergey Antipin was battered by district police officer Khamatdinov and criminal investigator Guilvanov in his own flat.

The police officers, including some SPF staff, did not introduce themselves and did not provide a reason for getting into the flat. Khamatdinov and Guilvanov made Antipin get dressed in order to take him to the Blagoveschensk District Department of Internal Affairs, all the actions were accompanied by battery.

The battery continued in the Department of Internal Affairs.

The case of Sergey Antipin the Interregional Committee against Torture and its Bashkirian representation are dealing with is just a small part of the notorious “mopping-up” in a small Bashkirian city.

342 citizens of Blagoveschensk were acknowledged victims of the special police raid organized in December.  

On 17 June 2008 the Blagoveschensk district court of Bashkiria found Khamatdinov and Guilvanov guilty upon the fact of intrusion and beating Mr. Antipin under cl. “а” p. 3 art. 286 of the RF CC (“abuse of powers with violent treatment”).

On 23 October 2008, in accordance with the decision of the Criminal division of the Bashkirian Supreme Court the verdict has entered into force.

Convict Guilvanov was sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment in a standard security penal colony for six incidents. Convict Khamatdinov was found guilty of two incidents and was sentenced to 3 years and 2 months, the sentence was suspended.

Specialists of the Bashkirian representation of the Interregional Committee against Torture helped Mr. Antipin to prepare a civil suit demanding compensation of damage incurred by state agents’ actions.

If the court sustains the claim we will be able to conclude that the state has managed to restore Sergey Antipin’s violated rights. 

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