For the fifth time, the Investigative Committee dismissed a claim to open a criminal case regarding tortures of 19-year old powerlifting champion from Krasnodar


16 August 2022


The lawyers with the Committee Against Torture noticed that the latest in the series of dismissals the investigator ignored the records of video surveillance cameras. Judging by the video, torture victim Aleksey Dinisenko went out of the police department two hours later than the police officers indicated in the visitors’ register log.  However, the argument involving the time when Aleksey is allegedly left the police department is brought up as one of the grounds for dismissal of a claim to open a criminal case.  

19-year old Aleksey Dinisenko was taken from his home by three investigative officers in October 2021 and brought to the Tbilissky District Police Department. According to the young man, the police officers were demanding that he confessed of theft. That’s how he recalls what was going on at the police department:   

«They started to beat me up in turn. As far as I could see, one of the officers had a towel wrapped around his hand, and he was beating me in the stomach with this hand two times, several times in the head, forehead and left ear. It was painful and I screamed of pain».   

After midnight Aleksey was released, however, later on his condition got worse and vomiting started. Dinisenko applied to the Tbilisskaya District Hospital, where he was hospitalized. The doctors diagnosed him with a closed craniocerebral injury, brain concussion and contusion of the soft tissues of the back.   

The check regarding illegal use of violence by the police officers with the Department of the Interior for the Tbilissky District was going on from October 2021. The lawyers with the CAT emphasize the fact that the investigator committed a red tape and repeatedly violated criminally-remedial norms. In January 2022, the check was assigned to another investigator, and it was proposed that the investigator who committed violations is subjected to disciplinary action or transferred to the region with less load. However, apparently, he was not transferred anywhere, because it was him who dismissed the claim to open a criminal case once again. The lawyers find his arguments to be ungrounded and easily disprove them with the available evidence. 

Lawyer with the CAT emphasizes that:  

«According to explanations of the police officers, questioned during the check, and according to the visitors register log, Aleksey left the police department at 9.25 p.m. However, the video surveillance cameras “Safe City” registered a different time – 11.31 p.m. This time coincides with the itemization of Dinisenko’s mother’s calls. This data was not examined or assessed by the investigator. We disagree with such a ruling and intend to appeal against it. We think that a criminal case must be initiated, in the framework of which the investigative activities should be performed aimed at establishing what happened».  

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