The Krasnodar medics refuse to provide medical treatment to Aleksey Dinisenko, the Kuban powerlifting champion, who was beaten up by the police


20 October 2021

On the next day after the news on Dinisenko’s complaint against the police battery was published, he was released from the Tbilisskaya District Hospital, despite running a fever and strong headache. His parents brought Aleksey to Krasnodar to be examined in a private clinic. A neurosurgeon diagnosed the young man with a suspected aneurysm and recommended urgent hospitalization. However, Territorial Clinical Hospital No.1 of Krasnodar refused to provide a hospitalization. At the present time, Dinisenko’s condition is not improving, his parents are applying in vain to the Prosecutor’s Office and to the hotline of the territorial Ministry of Health.        

As we have previously reported, 19-year old Aleksey Dinisenko, the Krasnodar Territory powerlifting champion, applied to the Committee Against Torture with a complaint about police battery. According to Aleksey, on 4 October 2021, he was taken from his home by three investigative officers who brought him to the police department of the Tbilissky District. They demanded that the man confessed of theft and applied physical force against him.

That is how Dinisenko recalls what was going on at the police department: “Everyone was beating me up in turns. As far as I could see, there was a towel wrapped around the hand of one of the police officers, he beat me with this hand two times, several times on the head, and hit a forehead and the left ear. It was painful and I screamed of pain”.

After that, Aleksey was hospitalized at the Tbilisskaya District Hospital with a brain concussion, closed craniocerebral injury and a lot of bruises. Soon, he was released from hospital, despite temperature and strong headache. His mother, Natalya Dinisenko, reported that he was released on the next day after the news on her son’s battery was published: “After we drew attention to this situation on the Internet, they simply asked us out from the hospital”.  

Aleksey’s parents applied to a private clinic of Krasnodar, where a neurosurgeon diagnosed him with a “space-occupying formation of the left cerebellar hemisphere”, suspected aneurysm and recommended an urgent hospitalization. In addition, the young man was diagnosed with a contusion of a kidney, which had not been previously diagnosed at the Tbilissky District Hospital.       

After the neurosurgeon conclusion, Aleksey was taken to Territorial Clinical Hospital No.1 of Krasnodar. There he spent about five hours at the reception ward and was refused to be hospitalized despite his complaints and his deteriorating condition. 

According to the words of Aleksey’s mother, he left the reception ward at half past midnight on 19 October and had to get back to Tbilisskaya village during the night. “We are being kicked everywhere”, — Natalya comments.

At the present time, the young man’s condition is not improving, he is running a fever, he has headaches, his eye-sight deteriorated.   

“I repeatedly called the hotline of the regional Ministry of Health, I applied to the Krasnodar Prosecutor’s Office in written form, however, there is no result. Aleksey is not provided with any medical assistance”, — Natalya Dinisenko comments. “We shall be insisting that Aleksey Dinisenko is hospitalized, because his life is in danger. We will also demand from law-enforcement authorities that they provide an assessment of the actions of the doctors both at the Tbilisskaya District Hospital, and the Territorial Clinical Hospital No.1 of Krasnodar”, — lawyer with the Committee Against Torture Anna Kotsareva commented on the situation.

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