The court fined a citizen of Orenburg for 30 000 rubles for applying violence against police officers, who, according to the man, broke his ribs   


18 March 2022

Aleksey Kondrashov applied to the Committee Against Torture in 2019. He told human rights defenders that six police officers in civilian uniform came to his house without permission. The police officers reported that they are looking for one of Aleksey’s son, whose whereabouts was unknown to the man.  Kondrashov demanded that they left the territory of his home, and in response three law-enforcement officers beat up Aleksey and his second son, who also was present during the incident.  

Medical forensic expert confirmed that it is possible that Kondrashov’s numerous injuries, including brain concussion and rib fracture, were obtained in the circumstances which Aleksey described to the investigative authorities and to the Committee Against Torture.   

The police officers, in their turn, submitted an application to the Investigative Committtee, in which they accused Kondrashov of attacking one of them. Ilyas Salikov, investigator with the Abdulinsky Interdistrict Department, dealt with checking both applications. As a result, he dismissed claims to open a criminal case eight times, declaring the actions of both parties to be legal.   

In addition, the investigator hinted (the CAT has audio record available) that in case Kondrashov continues to insist on investigation of his complaint, he will be himself brought to responsibility under the article on applying violence against the state representatives, which subsequently happened.      

This week, the court in the Orenburg region declared Aleksey Kondrashov to be guilty and fined him for 30 thousand rubles.  

Despite a huge amount of controversies and contradictions in witnesses’ testimonies and the expert examination which was conducted with violations, the court confirmed saying “crow will not pick out crow’s eyes”, – lawyer with the Orenburg branch of the Committee Against Torture Timur Rakhmatulin comments. – However, the court “took pity” on Aleksey, having fines him for a relatively small fine for the trauma of the police officer who no one could describe properly.   

In June 2021, lawyers with the Committee Against Torture applied to the European Court of Human Rights in the interests of Aleksey Kondrashov, because all domestic remedies were exhausted.    

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