The court in Orenburg acquitted the police officers charged with beating and threatening to rape a detainee


29 March 2023


Today, the Tsentralny district court of Orenburg acquitted three policemen that, according to the Investigation Committee, in October 2021 had beaten and threatened to rape 18-year-old Gennady Shvetsov. As the state prosecutor asked the court to sentence them to 6.5 years of prison, the accused officers pleaded not guilty and demanded to acquit them. 

Yevgeny Strelkov, Aset Kulkushev and Danila Nikulshin were charged with excess of authority paired with violence (para. «a» of part 3 of Article 286 of the Criminal Code). However, the district court decided that there was no corpus delicti in the officers’ actions. 

«We are shocked by the judgment and will challenge it before the appellate court. In our opinion, the guilt of the defendants was fully proven during the proceedings. We draw attention to the fact that there are practically no judicial acquittals in Russia, but in that police “torture case”, given the collected evidence, the officers were nevertheless acquitted,» – said the Orenburg branch of the Crew Against Torture.

Gennady Shvetsov applied to the CAT in early October 2021. He explained that in the morning of the 4th of October unknown people came to his house, introducing themselves as police officers. The policemen took away Gennady’s mobile phone and did not let him call either his father or his attorney. Besides, the police didn’t voice any reasons for the arrest. Mr. Shvetsov was taken to the police station no. 2 of the Intermunicipal Department of Interior «Orenburgskoye» and only there he learned that he was suspected of phone theft. Mr. Shvetsov claimed that he had not stolen the relevant phone, but had received it from his acquaintance as a guarantee of returning the debt. As Gennady recalled, the policemen beat him and threatened to rape him.

 «While I was lying on the floor, the officers kicked me on the back. One of the policemen told me to undress. I refused to do it. Then he said he was going to penetrate inside me and would put me on a bottle», – recalls Mr. Shvetsov.

The ill-treatment lasted the whole day. The young man was released only in the evening when his uncle and the attorney arrived at the police station. Mr. Shvetsov recalls that the policemen escorted him to the exit door, saying that «there’s been a mistake». Later, the forensic expert found multiple abrasions and bruises on Gennady’s body.

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