06 July 2020 The Nizhny Novgorod Prosecutor’s Office does not take orders from the UN Human Rights Committee 02 July 2020 Second defendant police officer appeared in the case on tortures with electric shocker 30 June 2020 Amendments to the Constitution. Before it became mainstream. The blog of the Committee Against Torture 26 June 2020 “The man at the unit started to turn the lever generating electricity”. In Russia, investigation of police violence may last for years, MediaZona 23 June 2020 After two years, a check of the complaint of a resident of Orenburg about police battery in 2011, is resumed 23 June 2020 The court in Bashkiria upheld the soft verdict of the Neftekamsk police officers convicted for electricity torture 22 June 2020 The police officers charged with breaking the leg of a citizen from Krasnodar, will stand trial 19 June 2020 Criminal case about planting drugs to a resident of Nizhny Novgorod is opened 19 June 2020 The court decided not to imprison former deputy head of the Orenburg penal colony 18 June 2020 Open letter to the Chairman of the Public Chamber of the Orenburg region 18 June 2020 For a month the Investigative Committee has been refusing to collect the blood smears at the scene of incident 16 June 2020 The ECHR dismissed the applications of the dwellers of the Chechen village of Elistanzhi who suffered in the bombing of 1999 15 June 2020 Five Moscovites who reported battery at rallies, applied to the ECHR 15 June 2020 Reaction to police violence in the USA and in Russia. The blog of the Committee Against Torture 03 June 2020 The application of a resident of Bashkortostan to open a criminal case with regard to police torture and threats of rape with a police truncheon is dismissed for a second time 03 June 2020 The trial with regard to the case of battery of a convict which led to his death at Nizhny Novgorod penal colony No.14 started 02 June 2020 The European Court communicated the applications of two former police officers from Chechnya concerning tortures 01 June 2020 “The ECHR interprets the laws with regard to the children”, Kommersant 29 May 2020 The ECHR communicated a complaint of father and son about tortures and criminal case forging 28 May 2020 Three police officers are charged with regard to the case of torture of a Nizhny Novgorod resident
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