27 May 2020 The ECHR practice review. Issues of forced medical intervention and failure to provide medical assistance 20 May 2020 The ECHR practice review. Credibility of claims about brutal treatment: questions, substantiations 19 May 2020 The Orenburg police officers, who tortured a man 10 years ago, will not be punished 18 May 2020 The residents of Nizhny Novgorod who received 5 thousand rubles for police torture, applied to the ECHR 14 May 2020 The Committee Against Torture has organized rehabilitation for a Bashkirian student whose spine was broken by the police 14 May 2020 The investigation of the case on incitement of a convict to suicide is dismissed for the second time 13 May 2020 For the fourth time the criminal case related to police battery is dismissed in Bashkiria 12 May 2020 The Ministry of Finance will pay a hundred thousand rubles to a former double murder suspect 07 May 2020 Lawyers with the Committee Against Torture invite to the Village Homies online-bar 07 May 2020 The European Court will examine application concerning tortures at the police department in the Moscow region 06 May 2020 A new code of ethics of the Ministry of the Interior and changes to the law on police. The Committee Against Torture’s blog 29 April 2020 Coronavirus interfered with the torture case 28 April 2020 In Nizhny Novgorod, a criminal case against the police officer, who twisted arms of the apprehended woman, is closed 27 April 2020 In Anapa, the thirteenth refusal to initiate criminal proceedings with regard to torture complaint was issued 24 April 2020 In Tuapse, the police torture case is resumed for the fifth time 23 April 2020 The police officer broke the rib of a resident of Orenburg. The Investigative Committee does not see anything illegal. 22 April 2020 The court and the investigation do not consider the person who suffered from torture to be a victim 21 April 2020 The European Court of Human Rights will deal with the complaint about tortures at the Gelendzhik police 20 April 2020 “He was going to squash my head and play football with it”. Investigation of torture case in Kabardino-Balkaria is dismissed for the fourth time 17 April 2020 Igor Kalyapin on Tatyana Moskalkova’s proposals on fighting torture: “I agree with all the points, although with some reservations”
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