13 October 2020 Are video surveillance cameras everywhere? What are they capable of? The blog of the Committee Against Torture 12 October 2020 The Investigative Committee considers it legal to tie up people to posts during summer heat 07 October 2020 In the Kuban Territory, the claim to open a criminal case on police torture is dismissed for the sixth time 06 October 2020 The ECHR awarded 33800 euro to a Chechen resident with regard to police torture that took place 16 years ago 05 October 2020 Russia denies involvement of the Chechen law-enforcement in disappearance of 1Adat Telegram-channel chat moderator. Human rights defenders provided the evidence of the contrary 05 October 2020 The European Court communicated an application in the interests of Ruslan Kutaev 02 October 2020 Resident of Gelendzhik submitted an application to the European Court concerning tortures by FSB 30 September 2020 The Russian authorities deny their involvement in disappearance of Movsar Umarov from Chechnya 29 September 2020 The investigator performed zero checking activities and established that the person apprehended at the rally was not beaten up 28 September 2020 The court obliged to pay 350 000 to former defendant in the case of murder of the entrepreneur from Orenburg and his son 25 September 2020 The court upheld the ruling that dismissed compensation claims of a football coach who was beaten up by the Moscow police officers 25 September 2020 The court declared illegal the dismissal of the criminal case on inciting the convict to suicide 24 September 2020 The Investigative Committee checks the complaint of a resident of Bashkiria about electricity torture by police and threats of raping with a push broom 23 September 2020 In the Nizhny Novgorod region, a case on battery of a man by the police officers in 2017 is dismissed 22 September 2020 The officers of Krasnodar Pre-Trial Detention Facility and Federal Penitentiary Service are brought to responsibility for the death of an arrested man 22 September 2020 The moderator of Chechnya. Why is it dangerous to criticize the republican authorities? The blog of the Committee Against Torture 18 September 2020 Ex-police officer received conditional sentence for beating up the apprehended and threatening the victim 16 September 2020 A pensioner from the Krasnodar Territory who received a shot in the arm from the police officers, applied to the ECHR 16 September 2020 The ECHR gets involved in the case of missing Chechen resident Movsar Umarov 15 September 2020 The European Court posed questions to Russia about a chat moderator of 1Adat Telegram-channel
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