12 September 2020 The Committee Against Torture obtained a video of Salman Tepsurkayev’s abduction 11 September 2020 Human rights defenders applied to the ECHR in order to ensure Salman Tepsurkayev’s safety 10 September 2020 Former Head of the Vetluga police Criminal Investigations acknowledged his guilt of beating up the apprehended and threatening the victim 09 September 2020 After the violent death of a man at the Krasnodar Pre-Trial Detention Facility a criminal case into negligence of the institution’s officer is opened 08 September 2020 It takes 30 thousand rubles to beat up a convict in the presence of a peace justice 07 September 2020 “AUE” is prohibited, how is it supposed to be interpreted? The Committee Against Torture’s blog 01 September 2020 The ECHR issued a ruling in the case of decade-old tortures of a resident of Nizhny Novgorod 01 September 2020 The European Court awarded 19300 euro for 14-years’ old tortures at the Nizhny Novgorod police 31 August 2020 A resident of Orenburg applied to the European Court because of his hand broken at the police department 30 August 2020 The Committee Against Torture is twenty years old 28 August 2020 Trial started in the case of electricity torture of two residents of Orenburg 27 August 2020 In Vladikavkaz, lawyer is illegally denied access to visit his client at the Pre-Trial Detention Facility who complained of torture 25 August 2020 Battery of foreign citizens at the Orenburg Immigration Center is seen in a video recording 24 August 2020 The Committee against Torture refutes the arguments of the state 24 August 2020 Police violence in Belarus. It is accident or pattern? The blog of the Committee Against Torture 19 August 2020 Complaints of residents of Kuban’ about torture with boiling water by the police will be dealt with at the regional level 17 August 2020 In Dagestan, a judge in a police torture case, declared a recusal due to being acquainted with the defendants 12 August 2020 The Investigative Committee in Ingushetia refused to lawfully react to the application concerning a forgery by an official 11 August 2020 In Krasnodar, a criminal case is initiated with regard to a violent death at the Pre-Trial Detention Facility 11 August 2020 The results of the Moscow case. For citizens and for law-enforcement. The blog of the Committee Against Torture
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