07 August 2020 The Investigative Committee initiated a criminal case on tortures, for which the period of limitations has expired already 06 August 2020 In Dagestan, the criminal case on tortures of a man by two police officers is submitted to court 05 August 2020 Cartoons by the police // Backstage 04 August 2020 The European Court communicated the complaint of the second convict in the case of Nemtsov assassination 04 August 2020 For the first time, the Investigative Committee initiated a check based on the application from a participant of the Moscow protests in summer 2019 03 August 2020 The criminal case on electricity torture of two residents of Orenburg is sent to court 29 July 2020 He pierced my thigh with a bodkin two times”. A police torture case is dismissed for the sixth time in Kabardino-Balkaria 27 July 2020 The European Court communicated the application of a person involved in the Nemtsov assassination case 24 July 2020 Termless Protest activist who reported about battery by the police officer, submitted an application to the ECHR 23 July 2020 Expert examinations with regard to the people complaining of the police violence in the Orenburg region are conducted with violations 22 July 2020 The European Court communicated an application of a resident of Grozny against tortures 14 years back 22 July 2020 After two years, a criminal case is opened in the Orenburg region with regard to the battery of a man by a police officer 20 July 2020 Was an attack organized against the journalist? The blog of the Committee Against Torture 20 July 2020 The Investigative Committee started the check of complaints against tortures by “butchers from Abdulino” for the eighth time 15 July 2020 The state will pay 60 thousand rubles to a former convict for failure to render medical assistance at the Nizhny Novgorod Penal Colony No.14 15 July 2020 Officer of the Ingush Center E, previously a torture suspect, became a witness 15 July 2020 The Nizhny Novgorod Court evaluated the damage from the police battery at one hundred thousand rubles 14 July 2020 The application of a resident of Bashkortostan to open a criminal case with regard to police torture and threats of rape with a police truncheon is dismissed for the third time 14 July 2020 The Moscow court dismissed the administrative case with regard to one of the persons who were apprehended during protest rallies in summer 2019 10 July 2020 “Exterminatory penal colony. Former convicts told the court about tortures in penal colony No.14 in Nizhny Novgorod”, Kommersant
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