01 August 2022 14 years after tortures were applied against a resident of the Nizhny Novgorod region, the Investigative Committee resumed a check with regard to two FSB officers. 28 July 2022 In Moscow, police officers hurt the arm of a street musician during apprehension   26 July 2022 The Orenburg Court obliged the Ministry of the Interior to pay a compensation of 150 thousand rubles to the victim of tortures with electric shocker   21 July 2022 Deputy Head of the Department of the Interior for the Orenburg region apologized for illegal use of force by the police officers against a participant of a protest rally   18 July 2022 In Nizhny Novgorod, the Investigative Department authorities were brought to responsibility seven times for sabotaging the torture investigations 06 July 2022 The ECHR awarded 25 thousand euro to the activist from Nizhny Novgorod who was beaten up by a Special Police Force officers during the «March of the Millions» in 2012   04 July 2022 «Spoiled a celebration»: for several hours, the police officers were beating up an apprehended for an anti-war poster at «The Immortal Regiment» event   30 June 2022 Chief of the District police department in the Orenburg region offered his apologies to the torture victims 24 June 2022 The Prosecutor’s Office demanded to resume the investigation based on the application of a resident of Krasnodar after human rights defenders applied to ombudsperson Tatyana Moskalkova 24 June 2022 The Nizhegorodsky Court declared a denial of access of lawyer to journalist Natalya Rezontova, apprehended during the last year’s rally, to be legal 24 June 2022 The ECHR awarded 60 thousand euro to the parents of Anton Saveykin who was shot by the drug enforcement officers in 2008. They killed him, having taking him for the suspect   20 June 2022 The ECHR awarded 26 thousand euro to a resident of the Nizhny Novgorod region for ineffective investigation of her husband’s death. He died at a police department 16 June 2022 The Supreme Court of Dagestan called the ruling of the Investigative Committee to dismiss the claim to open a criminal case based on the report about the attack on the crisis apartment of Marem group where Khalimat Taramova was taken out by force a year ago, to be legal and justified 09 June 2022 «After the news of my son’s death, I felt a lump on my chest». In the Krasnodar Territory, a man died after we was taken to the Temporary Detention Facility 07 June 2022 The court declared the dismissal of the claim to open a criminal case based on the torture complaint submitted by the person charged with organization of protest in the Angarsk Penal Colony 06 June 2022 In Moscow, the young man was declared a victim – he was an underage when beaten up by a police officer   31 May 2022 Police officer from the Krasnodar Territory will face court trial for the battery of a local resident 27 May 2022 The court provided a state protection to a Dagestan resident who accused the police officers of tortures    26 May 2022 «Exceptional brutality and sadism»: the Orenburg Court passed a guilty verdict for three ex-police officers for torture    24 May 2022 Human rights defenders applied to the UN Human Rights Council