24 March 2022 The ECHR awarded 26 000 and 25 700 euro to two former Chechen police officers who were tortured by their colleagues 22 March 2022 The Investigative Committee refused to open a criminal case based on application by a resident of Sochi who told about tortures with electric shocker   21 March 2022 Participants of anti-war actions submitted applications to the Investigative Committee claiming they were subjected to violence by police officers    18 March 2022 The court fined a citizen of Orenburg for 30 000 rubles for applying violence against police officers, who, according to the man, broke his ribs    17 March 2022 The Ministry of the Interior apologized to Leonid Mursky from Nizhny Novgorod who was beaten up and threatened with drowning by the police officers   17 March 2022 The Investigative Committee dismissed a criminal case on the battery of two apprehended citizens and called their traumas “malingering”   14 March 2022 The Prosecutor’s Officer declared delivery of Zarema Musaeva to Chechnya to be justified 09 March 2022 Resident of the Krasnodar Territory told human rights defenders that the police officers planted marijuana on him and beat him up 02 March 2022 Lawyers with the Committee Against Torture informed the ECHR on violation of more than 8 Articles of the Convention of Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in the case of Zarema Musayeva 02 March 2022 The Committee Against Torture started public investigation of the death of a young man who publicly claimed of tortures 02 March 2022 Rosgvardiya officer who hit and illegally detained a long distance driver, is sentenced to three years of conditional term 21 February 2022 The Committee Against Torture asked for the state protection of 18-year old Gennadiy Schvetsov due to threats by the Investigative Detention Facility 21 February 2022 Thanks to the work of the Committee Against Torture, the Investigative Committee started the check of the application of a resident of Moscow, beaten up by the police at the rally 21 February 2022 The Committee Against Torture and the “Public Verdict” foundation suggest to consider an alternative option of a draft law against torture developed by human rights defenders 20 February 2022 The results of the CAT work for 2021  18 February 2022 The Committee Against Torture applied to the ECHR in the interests of the three citizens from Orenburg, complained of police torture 14 February 2022 The European Court of Human Rights applied Rule 39 with regard to Zarema Musayeva 14 February 2022 Resident of Sochi told that the police officers were torturing him with electrical shocker to force him to provide information on the whereabouts of a crypto businessman 11 February 2022 Forcible delivery of Zarema Musayeva to Checnnya: Timeline 10 February 2022 The Committee Against Torture calculated how many times the police officers apologized to the victims
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