25 January 2022 A citizen of Uzbekistan, beaten up by the police officers, submitted an application to the ECHR 19 January 2022 The Committee Against Torture submitted eight applications of the Krasnodar Territory residents to the ECHR 14 January 2022 The Orenburg court lightened the verdict of the police officers who were torturing the apprehended with electrical shocker to force a confession of a theft of five thousand rubles 11 January 2022 The ECHR awarded 52 thousand euros a resident of Chechnya who was forced under tortures to confess of murder 27 December 2021 Statement of the Russian human rights defenders with regard to the draft legislation brought in the State Duma 24 December 2021 The Investigative Committee refused to check the circumstances of the prosecution of journalist Irina Slavina who took her own life 23 December 2021 The court declared illegal the dismissal of a criminal case against a police officer who twisted the woman’s arms and called her “an animal” 21 December 2021 A resident of Nizhny Novgorod is sent to the penal colony for violence applied against a police officer. Now, an independent expert confirmed that he was beaten up during the apprehension 20 December 2021 A draft legislation on toughening the punishment for tortures is submitted to the State Duma. Igor Kalyapin and Dmitry Kazakov provided their evaluation of the draft 16 December 2021 The Orenburg police officers will face court for the eleven years old torture case 16 December 2021 15 years of silence about tortures 15 December 2021 Mother of a close combat champion who died in the fight with a security guard of the Ministry of Communications intends to ensure a compensation 14 December 2021 The ECHR awarded 52 thousand euro of compensation to each of the five victims of torture in Chechnya 14 December 2021 The Krasnodar Court obliged the Investigative Committee to stop the red tape in the torture case 13 December 2021 The administrative case against a teenager beaten up during the apprehension at the rally, is dismissed 08 December 2021 The ECHR awarded 12 thousand euro to the man who complained of a battery by the Federal Penitentiary Service officers in 2010 07 December 2021 The ECHR awarded 52 thousand euro to a resident of Nizhny Novgorod who was tortured at the police department 06 December 2021 Muscovite, who was beaten up by law-enforcement officers during the January rally, applied to the ECHR 03 December 2021 A Pre-trial detention facility officer, suspected of the battery of convicts after the riot at the Angarsk penal colony, is taken into custody 01 December 2021 The court upheld the fine of Igor Kalyapin for “participation in an undesirable organization”