09 June 2022 «After the news of my son’s death, I felt a lump on my chest». In the Krasnodar Territory, a man died after we was taken to the Temporary Detention Facility 07 June 2022 The court declared the dismissal of the claim to open a criminal case based on the torture complaint submitted by the person charged with organization of protest in the Angarsk Penal Colony 06 June 2022 In Moscow, the young man was declared a victim – he was an underage when beaten up by a police officer   31 May 2022 Police officer from the Krasnodar Territory will face court trial for the battery of a local resident 27 May 2022 The court provided a state protection to a Dagestan resident who accused the police officers of tortures    26 May 2022 «Exceptional brutality and sadism»: the Orenburg Court passed a guilty verdict for three ex-police officers for torture    24 May 2022 Human rights defenders applied to the UN Human Rights Council   11 May 2022 Head of the Department of the Investigative Committee for the Krasnodar Territory once again acknowledged a red tape in the case of Aram Gambaryan’s tortures   05 May 2022 The investigators resumed the check based on the application submitted by a resident of Orenburg who was beaten up by the Road Patrol Service – it is the 23-th check 27 April 2022 The Krasnodar Territory Investigative Committee opened a criminal case based on the fact of the battery of a man. Law-enforcement officers demanded that he confessed of buying stolen cows 27 April 2022 The Prosecutor’s Office requested three and four years of penal colony to the police officers who broke the leg to a citizen of Kradnodar   19 April 2022 Judge of the Supreme Court of Chechnya refused to work on Zarema Musaeva’s case  19 April 2022 The Committee Against Torture complained to the ECHR about a compensation of 30 thousand roubles for the battery of a citizen from Arzamas in a police van   15 April 2022 Former convict of the Nizhny Novgorod Pre-Trial Detention Center told human rights defenders that the Detention Center staff undressed and beaten up several people due to complaints over confinement conditions  13 April 2022 The Investigative Committee resumed the check in the case of mysterious death of a citizen from Sochi. Shortly before his death he was possibly detained by the police officers   13 April 2022 The Committee Against Torture submitted five complaints to the ECHR regarding violence in the January meetings in support of Navalny 30 March 2022 The ECHR awarded 26 thousand euros to father and son each, they were tortured by the Moscow law-enforcement officers   30 March 2022 Zarema Musaeva will remain in the Pre-Trial Detention Facility for 26 more days   30 March 2022 The court obliged the Ministry of the Interior to pay five thousand roubles to the pensioner who was illegally detained by the police officers after he refused to put on a mask   25 March 2022 A criminal case against a police officer who beat up a teenager during the counter-drugs raid, was submitted to the Khoroshevsky Court of Moscow city
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