02 February 2024 The Court of Cassation upheld the acquittal of Orenburg police officers in the case of beating and threatening to rape a detainee 17 January 2024 «As he was beating me, I shouted: «I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.» A ninth-grader of the Cossack Cadet Corps of the Rostov region claims that he was ill-treated by its director 16 January 2024 The Prosecutor General’s Office is reluctant to punish the policemen who had unlawfully arrested a participant in an opposition rally in Orenburg and dragged him into a police bus 15 January 2024 Group rape at the police station and torture with electricity. The ECHR awarded 20 000 euros in compensation to each of two Nizhny Novgorod residents who never saw fair punishment for the state agents who had tortured them 11 January 2024 In the case related to the death of a prisoner in a Nizhny Novgorod correctional colony, three witnesses changed their testimony in court. Their statements refute the prosecution’s version of events 12 December 2023 The court denied Zarema Musayeva parole, despite the woman’s severe chronic illness 11 December 2023 The court quashed the acquittal of the Kuban police officers who broke the leg of an arrested man after mistaking him for a criminal 08 December 2023 The ECHR awarded 180 000 euros to seven victims of torture. Russia refused to properly investigate their cases 22 November 2023 The police apologized for torturing a resident of the Moscow region. The lawyers have been trying to achieve that fact for three years 17 November 2023 In the Krasnodar region, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case into the falsification of a police protocol. The local policemen fabricated that document after beating a detainee with a chair 17 November 2023 A resident of Orenburg was awarded 500 000 rubles in compensation for her ill-treatment in the police station 03 November 2023 «She slipped and fell on her own.» The Investigative Committee and the Ministry of Internal Affairs found no violations in the actions of the policeman, though a resident of Moscow claimed that he knocked out her teeth and refused to call an ambulance 02 November 2023 «Why did you come here in large numbers?» A Moscow resident claims that the policemen insulted him because of his ethnicity, beat him in front of his pregnant wife and forced him to squat naked in the police station 25 October 2023 The court awarded a resident of Nizhny Novgorod with 200 000 rubles as compensation for torture happened 12 years ago 24 October 2023 «If you don’t return within this week, they will kill me.» A representative of the Crew Against Torture gave a ride to a fugitive from Ingushetia. After that, he was taken to the house of that fugitive girl’s family, where her relatives threatened to kill him; at the same time, the man’s brother was arrested by Chechen policemen 18 October 2023 «We are just sitting on the side of the road, watching the bus burning down.» The ECHR began its consideration of the complaint lodged by the human rights defenders and journalists who had experienced an attack in Chechnya in 2016 10 October 2023 In Orenburg, three victims of torture obtained an apology from the regional police department 13 years after the incident 09 October 2023 The ECHR awarded 319 000 euros to 17 Russians who suffered from police violence during opposition rallies 06 October 2023 The court obliged the police to pay 60 000 rubles to a resident of Kuban, as she was hit by a policeman during a conflict in a parking lot 02 October 2023 Police officers who watched their colleague beat a teenager during an anti-drug raid will pay a fine of 50 000 rubles
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