09 October 2023 The ECHR awarded 319 000 euros to 17 Russians who suffered from police violence during opposition rallies 06 October 2023 The court obliged the police to pay 60 000 rubles to a resident of Kuban, as she was hit by a policeman during a conflict in a parking lot 02 October 2023 Police officers who watched their colleague beat a teenager during an anti-drug raid will pay a fine of 50 000 rubles 27 September 2023 «I didn’t understand why they were doing this to me.» A Moscow resident claims that the policemen broke his arm in the park, mistaking him for a drug dealer 20 September 2023 The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against two police officers from the Krasnodar region. According to the investigators, they beat an arrested man with a metal chair. 19 September 2023 «There are always problems with you, human rights defenders.» A participant of the «Golos» movement stated that during a search the policemen stepped on his back and punched him in the back of the head 18 September 2023 Two young children were left alone at home after their father was arrested. The man indicated that he was beaten all night at the police station, and his relatives only found out about the children in the morning 12 September 2023 The ECHR adopted its judgment in the case of Maksim Lapunov — he was the first who publicly revealed the persecution of LGBT-people in Chechnya 08 September 2023 In Moscow, a woman spent the night in a «stinking cell». The police did not let her go home to get medicine needed after cancer surgery 28 August 2023 «The policemen hit me on the back with a chair.» A guard from the Krasnodar region ended up in a hospital with a head injury after visiting the police station 24 August 2023 «The policemen struck me in the head and suffocated me.» A 21-year-old resident of the Moscow region claims that the officers tortured him to confess to selling drugs 22 August 2023 «If I’m not at home — well, I don’t know, sorry…». The Chechen Ombudsman told the Crew’s lawyers whether he was ready to guarantee the safety of Elena Milashina during her work in the region 18 August 2023 A poetry writer from St. Petersburg applied to the Crew Against Torture after being forced into a psychiatric hospital with the involvement of policemen 01 August 2023 The Orenburg Regional Court upheld the acquittal of three police officers in the case of beating and threatening to rape a detainee 18 July 2023 In the Irkutsk region, eight people will be tried for sexualized violence towards prisoners from the Angarsk penal colony. Two of the defendants are personnel of a pre-trial detention center  17 July 2023 Three residents of Orenburg received 70 000 rubles each as compensation for the protracted investigation of torture 14 July 2023 «I saw a puddle of blood in front of me.» A resident of St. Petersburg claims that the police whacked his head during the arrest of punk band fans 10 July 2023 The court in Orenburg awarded half a million rubles in compensation for electric shock torture 07 July 2023 A court in Chechnya sentenced taxi driver Said Omarov to eight years and two months of imprisonment for the murder of Aleksey Kardashov. Initially, the Investigative Committee suspected that the abduction of Mr. Kardashov was effectuated by the local security forces 04 July 2023 A court in Chechnya sentenced Zarema Musayeva to five and half years of imprisonment. The announcement of the sentence lasted seven minutes, and Mrs. Musayeva’s attorney was severely beaten this morning
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