14 October 2022 The ECHR awarded 19500 euro to a resident of Bashkiria, who was subjected to a forced abortion in a clinic 14 October 2022 The ECHR awarded 26 thousand euro to a resident of the Orenburg region. He reported to have been beaten by the Road Patrol Service, but the investigation dismissed his claim to open a criminal case 23 times 12 October 2022 Two participants of anti-war meeting applied to the Moscow branch of CAT with complaints about the battery by law-enforcement officers 03 October 2022 Police officer is sentenced to three years of penal colony for the battery of a teenager during an anti-narcotics raid in Moscow  30 September 2022 In Orenburg, a member of a rally in support of Navalny was awarded a compensation for illegal use of force during apprehension 29 September 2022 «Sorry, nothing personal, it’s just our job». A pensioner from the Krasnodar Territory told human rights defenders that the police officers were hanging him on a bar, beat him up with electrical shocker and forced to drink vodka  27 September 2022 Resident of Saint-Petersburg Aleksandra Barabash said that during the rally against mobilization her head was smashed with a truncheon. 23 September 2022 The court refused to release on parole a police officer convicted for torture 22 September 2022 Eight months after the apprehension of Zarema Musaeva, the Investigative Committee started a check based on applications from human rights defenders and lawyers 19 September 2022 Resident of the Orenburg region informed that he was beaten up by a police officer who demanded that he confessed of sheep theft 16 September 2022 Investigator refused to open a criminal case based on the fact of death of the resident of the Krasnodar Territory. He died after one day spent at the police department 13 September 2022 He was beaten up, threatened with an electric shocker and violence. A resident of Krasnodar told he confessed of theft after police torture 12 September 2022 The UN Human Rights Committee called the investigation of the death of a man after he spent some time in the Orsk sobering station, and his mother is declared a victim of psychological violence. 06 September 2022 In Saint-Petersburg, the court once again sent the application of the man who was beaten up with electrical shocker during the rally in support of Navalny for repeated examination 24 August 2022 The court in Bashkiria obliged to award a compensation of 200 thousand rubles to the person suffered from electricity torture. Previously, two police officers were convicted in the same case 24 August 2022 The Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the RF for the Krasnodar Territory acknowledged the fact of red tape during the investigation of the torture case. According to the victim, he was beaten up in the forest for six hours, threatened to be shot and buried alive in a pit   22 August 2022 In Orenburg, the court obliged the Ministry of the Interior officers to apologize for illegal actions against the protest rally participant who shouted «Russia will be free!» 19 August 2022 The Investigative Committee dismissed a claim to open a criminal case regarding tortures that took place 14 years ago, the check of which the Supreme Court of the RF demanded to resume recently 16 August 2022 For the fifth time, the Investigative Committee dismissed a claim to open a criminal case regarding tortures of 19-year old powerlifting champion from Krasnodar 05 August 2022 The court of cassation did not find any grounds for a repeated examination of the criminal case regarding tortures of four men at the Anapa police department