29 January 2007 The City Court of Bogorodsk will consider the case of the Kabanovs again 26 January 2007 The Deputy Prosecutor of Dzerzhinsk will be examined as to compliance with the law 26 January 2007 Leading jurists of the world will hold a public hearing on counter-terrorism in Russia 25 January 2007 The trial over sadist policemen in Bashkiria continues 24 January 2007 The hearing of arguments by the parties of the criminal case of A. Anoshin has been again postponed 23 January 2007 The case of the homicide in the detoxification center is very close to its denouement 23 January 2007 The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation has dismissed the appeal of SRCF against the judgement of the Nizhny Novgorod Regional Court to liquidate it 22 January 2007 The Committee’s Office in Orenburg has made the prosecutors who violated the law be penalized 19 January 2007 The Committee Against Torture has sent a letter to the European Court of Human Rights requesting it to expedite the communication of Alexander Novoselov’s complaint 18 January 2007 A cruel know-how of police officers in Bashkortostan – assault and battery of children as a means to settle corporate disputes 18 January 2007 The Committee Against Torture helps the Ministry of the Interior to get rid of criminals and… lunatics 16 January 2007 The City Court of Yoshkar-Ola commences hearings in respect of the policeman from Mari-El charged with assault and battery of two minors 15 January 2007 The confrontation between the beaten artist from Dzerzhinsk and one of the policemen who allegedly did it, has taken place 15 January 2007 The Committee Against Torture has made the remiss prosecution officials from Chechnya be penalized 12 January 2007 The Official Statement of the NGO NN Committee Against Torture 12 January 2007 The Committee Against Torture congratulates officials of the Russian Federation Prosecutor’s Office on their professional holiday! 11 January 2007 Lawyers of the Committee Against Torture help citizens, who are victims of police abuse in Bashkortostan 10 January 2007 The European Court will have considered the case of Elena Lisina this year 09 January 2007 The Court in Strasbourg will consider the case of a homicide in Chechnya 06 January 2007 Dear Guests!
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