19 June 2007 The statement of the Public Verdict Foundation concerning the case of E. Ulman, A. Kalagansky, V. Voevodin and A. Perelevsky 18 June 2007 The Nizhny Novgorod Regional Court has protected interests of citizens 18 June 2007 The policeman accused of cruel treatment of minors pleaded guilty before the court 15 June 2007 A citizen of Kstovo claims to have been threatened with sexual violence and beaten by traffic policemen 14 June 2007 Officers of the OMON from Sochi will remain in custody 13 June 2007 The Case of Dmitrievsky: the Russian Federation has given its answers to the questions of the European Court 07 June 2007 The European Court started its legal proceedings under the complaint of the Society of Russian-Chechen Friendship against its liquidation. 05 June 2007 The judicial investigation under the case of Aleksandr Anoshin is finished 01 June 2007 The NN Committee Against Torture set up new offices in Privolzhsky Federal District 01 June 2007 Mentally Insane and publicly dangerous police major from Bashkortostan has been sent for compulsory treatment 29 May 2007 100,000 rubles for ill-treatment by police 24 May 2007 Two years since the tragedy in Borozdinovskaya: those who are responsible for the deaths of 11 peaceful villagers have not been prosecuted, and the authorities conceal the truth about this event 23 May 2007 THIRTY- FIVE THOUSAND RUBLES FOR A NIGHT IN A DETENTION CENTER 21 May 2007 The Sovetsky District Court has come to the defence of law 17 May 2007 Human rights defenders has held a seminar for law enforcement officers in the Chechen Republic 16 May 2007 The trial over the policemen who beat an artist continues in Dzerzhinsk 14 May 2007 The trial under the case of Anoshin, who died in a detoxification center, is adjourned until 5 June 2007 07 May 2007 The Blagoveschensk City Court of Bashkortostan has remitted the case file against top police officials to the prosecutor’s office of the Republic 04 May 2007 The police rank and file will appear on the dock after their commanders 03 May 2007 A preliminary trial under the case of police “mopping-up” operations in Blagoveschensk begins in the Republic of Bashkortostan
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