06 November 2007 Proceedings against the policeman accused of beating a woman started in Mariy El 06 November 2007 Alexander Solomonovich Gorelik deceased 01 November 2007 The Committee against Torture finishes the preliminary check upon the application of Natalya Petrova, a reporter from Kazan 31 October 2007 Famous British legal expert Lutz Oette takes part in the training for Nizhny Novgorod lawyers organized by the Committee against Torture 30 October 2007 The Supreme Court of Bashkiria cancels the acquitting judgement for the policemen 30 October 2007 The “Human Rights in Russia” Portal still functions despite hacker attacks 29 October 2007 Bashkiria Supreme Court is going to try the cassation appeal under the case of battery of a minor 26 October 2007 Sochi victims claim that SPF officers beat them long and heavily 26 October 2007 Address to the Prosecutor of Krasnodarskiy Kray 25 October 2007 A citizen of Nizhny Novgorod claiming he was battered by policemen was arrested right after a TV story based on the accident. 24 October 2007 Hearing of the case of 8 SPF officers continues today at 10 a.m. 24 October 2007 Portal “Human Rights in Russia” ( under attack 24 October 2007 Today the United Nations Organization Anniversary is celebrated 24 October 2007 WITNESSES AND VICTIMS TALKING ABOUT THE “ACT OF RETALIATION” DURING THE COURT HEARING OF THE CASE OF SOCHI SPF OFFICERS 23 October 2007 Lawyers from the Committee against Torture take part in the 12th session of Nizhny Novgorod young scholars 23 October 2007 Trial of SPF officers’ case is resumed in Sochi 19 October 2007 Yesterday the European Court of Human Rights found living conditions in the pre-trial detention centre of Nizhny Novgorod inhuman 18 October 2007 Seminar on kidnapping for human rights organizations and law enforcement agencies starts in Pyatigorsk 17 October 2007 SPF officers were illegally kept in a pre-trial detention centre for seven days regardless of the court decision 16 October 2007 Trial procedure for the case on Police Special Force’s mopping up in children’s camp “Druzhba” starts in Lazarevskoe district court
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