11 September 2007 The policeman from Yoshkar-Ola who cruelly treated minors will spent three and a half years behind the bars 07 September 2007 The Lazarevsky District Court of Sochi will start the proceedings on the merits concerning the criminal case against the OMON officers on 18 September 04 September 2007 The preliminary trial of the case against the OMON officers from Sochi has begun 03 September 2007 The Committee Against Torture has shared information with the Nizhny Novgorod GUVD about “fishing places” 31 August 2007 Human rights defenders from the INGO CAT will lecture Chechen policemen on the damage of torture and abductions 30 August 2007 Today is the Birthday of the Committee Against Torture 24 August 2007 The Committee Against Torture achieves the remission of an unlawful decision of the prosecutor’s office. 22 August 2007 The preliminary hearing of the case against the OMON officers in Sochi is postponed until the 4 of September 17 August 2007 The Sovetsky District court of Nizhny Novgorod will examine Andronovs’ case on the 13th of September 17 August 2007 The Prosecutor’s Office tries to make the punishment of Stanislav Dmitrievsky more severe 14 August 2007 Does the State refuse to pay for a child’s sufferings? 09 August 2007 The Supreme Court of Bashkortostan reduced “the price of torture” 08 August 2007 The legal proceedings against the OMON officers, charged with the ill-treatment during the mopping-up operation in the Druzhba youth camp, resumed in Sochi 03 August 2007 A Bashkortostan court acquitted the policemen charged with the cruel treatment of a boy 02 August 2007 The European Court refused the defendants under the case of Elena Lisina to take part in the proceedings 01 August 2007 The NN Committee Against Torture reached up a new level 30 July 2007 A member of the NN Committee Against Torture took part in the meeting of the Public Chamber in Chechnya. 20 July 2007 Yesterday the decision of the Sovetsky District Court of Nizhny Novgorod entered into force. One more decision of the Sovetsky District Prosecutor’s Office was found unlawful. 20 July 2007 The policeman who beat the artist from Dzerzhinsk compensated for the damage. 18 July 2007 New attempts to prevent people from lodging complaints with the European Court of Human Rights are made
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