13 July 2007 The sentence on the criminal investigation officer was passed 10 July 2007 President of the RF Constitutional Court proposes amendments to Russian laws which will limit the right of Russian citizens to file complaints to the European Court oа Human Rights 06 July 2007 Is there censorship in the local press of Bogorodsk? 05 July 2007 The policeman who was found guilty of the murder of Aleksandr Anoshin has been sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment 04 July 2007 The pronouncement of the sentence under the case of ill-treatment of a pensioner by policemen was adjourned sine die 03 July 2007 Tomorrow the Sechenovo District Court passes its sentence on three policemen charged with the cruel treatment of Gennady Denisov 03 July 2007 Several citizens of Bogorodsk allege to have been cruelly treated by policemen during the celebration of the Day of the Town 29 June 2007 The sentence on lieutenant colonel A. Shalagin who ill-treated his subordinate entered into force in Chuvashia 28 June 2007 The hearing of arguments under the case of Aleksandr Anoshin is over. The sentence will be passed on 5 July. 27 June 2007 A rally against torture took place in Nizhniy Novgorod yesturday 27 June 2007 Dear guests of our website! 26 June 2007 Joint Statement of UN Institutions on the Occasion of the United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture 25 June 2007 Tomorrow the NN Committee Against Torture will hold a rally in commemoration of the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. 22 June 2007 “Non-governmental organizations need to play an active role in the human rights review”, says Un Secretary General 22 June 2007 The NN Committee Against Torture holds a rally on 26 June in commemoration of the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture 21 June 2007 The Grozny Garrison Court Martial has acknowledged that the inaction of a prosecution official was unlawful 21 June 2007 Will the killers of children be ever prosecuted? 20 June 2007 The Sechenovo District Court has adjourned the pronouncement of the sentence on the policemen that ill-treated a pensioner 20 June 2007 Burning news: the Sechenovo District Court has fixed the date when it will pass the sentence on the policemen 19 June 2007 Tomorrow the Sechenovo District Court brings in its sentence on the policemen who cruelly treated a pensioner
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