13 December 2007 The European Court of Human Rights will decide as to the urgent communication of the complaint of Olga Gavrilova, a citizen of Nizhny Novgorod 10 December 2007 10 December 2007 – Human Rights Day 06 December 2007 Vice-chairperson of the INGO Committee Against Torture will take part in the 5th International Psychological Trauma Symposium 06 December 2007 The Committee Against Torture has achieved a court decision that is important for Russia 05 December 2007 The court has acknowledged that the inaction of a prosecution official was unlawful 03 December 2007 The sentence on the policemen charged with the murder of Aleksandr Anoshin has been annulled 30 November 2007 The Committee Against Torture has filed a complaint to the European Court under the case of Olga Gavrilova 26 November 2007 Regional non-governmental organization “Man and Law” (Mariy El) is 8 years old! 26 November 2007 The state is to pay 9 000 rubles to under-age Denis Darovskih from Yoshkar-Ola as a compensation for police abuse 26 November 2007 Human rights defenders from Kemerovo claim that unknown people tried to break into the office of the South-Siberian Human Rights Centre 23 November 2007 Police officers from Sochi claim that SPF officers battered no one in camp Druzhba 22 November 2007 Human rights defenders organize a seminar for Orenburg police 19 November 2007 Policemen from Balakhna who tortured their detainee are taken to court again 15 November 2007 Policemen from Dzerzhinsk who battered a famous painter received long-term sentence 13 November 2007 District police officer who battered a woman got four years of suspended sentence 13 November 2007 The police beat a street cleaner from Chelyabinsk with an axe 12 November 2007 Mother a seriously ill girl from Nizhny Novgorod who is disabled from childhood claims that her daughter suffered from police abuse. 10 November 2007 Day of Russian Police Forces 09 November 2007 A new torture complaint from Nizhny Novgorod is registered by the European Court 07 November 2007 The state pays 180 000 rubles to brothers Yankovsky from Orenburg as a compensation for police abuse
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