05 August 2021 We are insisting that the administrative prosecution of a teenager is stopped and the legality of physical force applied against him is checked (video) 30 July 2021 A protocol was drawn up about the Chairman of the Committee Against Torture participating in “undesirable organization” 27 July 2021 The ECHR awarded 26,000 euro to the citizen from Orenburg who was beaten up by law-enforcement officers 15 years ago 21 July 2021 The criminal case on inciting the convict of the Orenburg Penal Colony No.4 to suicide is dismissed for the fourth time 15 July 2021 The convicts who suffered during the riot at the Angarsk penal colony applied to the Committee Against Torture 09 July 2021 The case of journalist Irina Slavina 07 July 2021 A criminal case on the convict’s lethal battery at Nizhny Novgorod penal colony No.14 is resumed 21 June 2021 The Strasbourg judges will deal with the complaint of torture in the Ingush Anti-Extremism Center 18 June 2021 Having failed to ensure the effective investigation of the torture case, a resident of Moscow applied to the European Court 17 June 2021 The police officers who were torturing two residents of Orenburg with electricity are sentenced to real jail time 15 June 2021 A resident of the Nizhny Novgorod region won an application at the European Court 15 June 2021 The European Court established the fact of tortures in the Orenburg penal colony in 2012 15 June 2021 The European Court passed a ruling in the case of obscure disappearance of a citizen from Grozny 11 June 2021 The court deemed it legal to tie up people to posts in summer heat in Krasnodar 11 June 2021 A resident of Orenburg, whose rib was broken by the police officers, applies to the European Court 08 June 2021 A resident of Nalchik applied to the European Court with a torture complaint 07 June 2021 A woman from Nizhny Novgorod applied to the European Court with an application concerning serious injuries inflicted to her at the police department 07 June 2021 The State Prosecutor requested real jail time to former police officers accused of torturing a resident of Nizhny Novgorod in 2015 04 June 2021 The court awarded two hundred thousand rubles to a football coach who was beaten up by the Moscow police officers 02 June 2021 The criminal case on abduction of 1Adat Telegram chat moderator is send to Chechnya for investigation
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