30 April 2021 Residents of St.Petersburg, who suffered from the police violence at the protest rally, applied to the Investigative Committee 30 April 2021 In Kuban, a criminal case is opened with regard to a brutal beating of a man during apprehension and shooting at him with blanks 27 April 2021 The court quashed the conditional sentence of two former Rosgvardiya officers from Chechnya for illegal apprehension of Dagestan, who subsequently disappeared without a trace 23 April 2021 The Prosecutor’s Office of Ingushetia quashed the thirteenth illegal suspension of the torture case 22 April 2021 My close person is apprehended. The guides of the Committee Against Torture 22 April 2021 The Prosecutor’s Office declared the dismissal of a claim to open a criminal case on applying violence against a resident from Krasnodar by the police officers to be illegal 20 April 2021 A pensioner who was apprehended at a protest rally, complained of a failure to render medical assistance to her at the police department 20 April 2021 “Inquisitor 286” game 19 April 2021 A criminal case is opened based on the fact of a battery of a resident of Kuban at the police department due to his shooting of people being apprehended at the beach with his mobile phone 19 April 2021 The claim to declare the wife of the abducted 1Adat Telegram chat moderator a victim in the criminal case is dismissed 15 April 2021 In Orenburg, claims to open criminal cases with regard to applications, concerning illegal violence during the protest rally, are dismissed 13 April 2021 A criminal case is opened with regard to the death of a resident of Nizhny Novgorod who fell from the window of the Ministry of the Interior 08 April 2021 Police officers failed to take an initiative to apologize to a resident of Bashkiria, who was subjected to battery and electricity torture 06 April 2021 The Prosecutor’s Office considers the Investigative Committee’s dismissal of an application of a resident of Krasnodar concerning violence applied against him during the protest rally, to be legal 06 April 2021 The court declared the dismissal of a claim to open a criminal case with regard to application from the Orenburg residents accusing police officers of forcing to confess of a group rape, to be legal 05 April 2021 Former police officers charged with planting drugs to a resident of Nizhny Novgorod and his battery, faced the trial 05 April 2021 The court refused to resume a criminal case on the convict’s lethal battery at the Nizhny Novgorod penal colony No.14 01 April 2021 Year 2020. The Committee Against Torture in figures 31 March 2021 A resident of Orenburg was awarded with 50000 rubles for eight years of red tape with regard to his police torture complaint 30 March 2021 The ECHR awarded a compensation to a mother whose son died in the Orenburg Temporary Detention Facility